HNE Out Door Activities

The historic Northeast area has great out doors recreational activities. From parks to sports fields to hiking traits; there is enough for everyone to explore and discover. 

Historic Northeast Events was originally formed by the NEKC Chamber of Commerce to be the Not-For-Profit agency and sister organization to administer the Historic Northeast Fall Festival.
It received its determination letter 3-15-2005. It managed the Fall Festival through 2007 and then decided to discontinue holding the community event. The board decided to keep the organization but change the name to better identify its role in the Historic Northeast community. On 12/1/2009 it officially became the Historic Northeast Events, a 501 C3 Not-For-Profit.rts KC, and others.
We have applied and received several grants for several
Civic Leadership classes, a healthy food choice grant, a
Banner grant, and acquired several land grant properties to enhance landscaping and creative place-making. HNE has hosted meetings, workshops, and seminars over the years.
HNE partners with not only the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce but also Jackson County, Independence Avenue Community Improvement District, the City of Kansas City Missouri, Northeast Arts KC, and others.

Mission Statement

The mission of HNE is for the purpose of organizing, uniting, and promoting community engagement, activities, and events in the Historic Northeast area of Kansas City. Since 1995, we have organized parades, family picnics, musical events and, most notably, from 1996 to 2007, a family weekend event called ‘Historic Northeast Festival.’ This event brought together our ethnic business products, foods, live entertainment, youth activities and a carnival to a local park. It was an economic boost to the area and a social event to mix the broad range of our ethnic cultures. This event enabled us to mentor the youth of our community and encourage them to participate as volunteers of community building. As a result, approximately 15,000 diverse people came together annually to celebrate one another’s culture; but, after 12 years of planning, collaborating and partnering with stakeholders in the community, we outgrew the capacity of the park.

Northeast Parks, Sports Fields and More

Budd Park

Harmony Park

Heim’s Electric Park

Independence Plaza

Indian Mound

Kessler Park

Lafayette Traber Garden

Nicholson Park

The Concourse Park

Sheffield Park

Freeway Gardens Park

Winner Park

Lykins Square Park

9th & Van Braunt

North East High School soccer Field

Prospect Plaza Park