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If you’re looking for ways to expand your marketing reach here are just a few reasons becoming an event sponsor is a great idea!

    • Put your brand in front of audiences who may not be familiar with your business.
    • Engage one on one with people looking for relevant product solutions.
    • Improve customer perception!

Ready to get involved? Take a moment to view some of our sponsorship options below.

International Taste & Tour SPONSORSHIP

Your International Culinary Passport awaits you at the American Sons of Columbus, 2415 Independence Blvd. Departure will begin in Italy and travel to other parts of the world such as Somalia, Myanmar (Burma), Mexico & countries of South America to Discover cuisines with a taste of the finest.

More Sponsorship Opportunities Coming Soon

Event proceeds will be used towards our ongoing efforts in promoting economic development throughout Kansas City’s Historic Northeast community.

Thank you for encouraging our new businesses to become solid, responsible business owners and civic leaders in the community. You have set the bar of achievement.