An application has been made to form a Community Improvement District. Your property is included in the Community Improvement District boundaries.   You should expect enhanced environmental improvements, increased marketing and economic development efforts.

Authorized by Missouri law, CID’s allow property owners to tax themselves in order to supplement city-provided services such as security and maintaining public areas.  Additionally, they can help make the existing city services work better, and bring the city’s attention to their obligations.

Recent surveys of Indep. Ave. property owners express that they wish to see money from these assessments go to security, cleanliness, maintenance, streetscape, capital improvements and marketing and economic development.   A Steering Committee of property owners in the district will serve to represent all owners.

These districts require City Council approval and a CID financed by property taxes requires petition signatures of more that half of the affected property owners and more that half of the district’s total property valuation.  Areas that have already formed a CID are Main Street Corridor, Zona Rosa, Martin City, River Market, Waldo, Downtown, Westport, West 39th Street, Brookside and the Airport.

Contact Jon Henderson UMB Bank, 6400 Independence Ave. 816-245-8529