In Honor of Murishi Northeast Kansas City

In Honor of Murishi Sylvestre 

Earlier this fall, we had the privilege of having Murishi play drums as part of the East to West African Drumming Duo for our annual Taste and Tour. 

Unfortunately we lost this wonderful young man to a terrible incident on December 14, 2015 at the age of 19. Please help Ntahondereye Jean and his wife Nyandwi Josephine give their son a proper burial. 

“We would love to have your sympathy and help with funding because Murishi was not just a son to us but he was a sibling and son to our community in Kansas City. Please help us bury our son who will be greatly missed.” – Jean Ntahondereye 

Services will be held at the church located at 217 Benton Blvd, Saturday December 26th at 10am. 

To learn more about Murishi’s story and donate follow the link below. 

Help Murishi’s Family Here