When chef and owner Michael Faust opened The Farmhouse in 2009, his goal was to bring something to the Kansas City community that wasn’t previously there.

“Our chef came back to Kansas City, he wanted to do a farm-to-table,” says Senior Manager Nael Leno, “and focus on all the great produce we have from awesome local farmers.”

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Some of the farmers The Farmhouse gets supplies from have been working with them since day one. Because they get their ingredients locally, they have a small, seasonal menu that’s mostly from scratch.

“Anything and everything we can do in house, we do in house,” Leno says. “Butchering, or ketchup, or pickles, or syrups, you name it.”

The Farmhouse gets a range of clientele according to Leno. There are health-conscious people and tourists who want good food. Some people, Leno says, visit the City Market to buy their produce and then come to the restaurant for recipe ideas.

Senior Manager Nael Leno

“Our clientele is all over,” says Leno. “We get people with all the dietary restrictions or allergies. Because we make everything in house, it’s easier and we’re able to accommodate. People who are trying to eat healthier or trying to learn how to cook healthy at home.”

Leno says most of The Farmhouse’s staff lives in Northeast Kansas City, so they have a deep connection to it. That’s one of the reasons they love participating in the International Taste & Tour. As for what they’re bringing this year?

“In the past people have really liked when we’ve brought little turnovers, either cheese or veggie,” Leno says. “Everybody else brings meat, so we try to bring something vegetarian.”

The Farmhouse is located at 300 Delaware St, Kansas City, MO 64105. For hours and contact info, visit their website at www.eatatthefarmhouse.com.

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